Nomad Dancers at Kennedy Center's Millennium Stage - January 2015

Afghan Arts & Culture Festival - October 2014

12th Annual Turkish Festival - September 2014

Children of Persia's 10th Annual Walk for Children and Fall Festival - September 2014

13th Semi-Annual Awaken The Dancer Within - June 2014

Smithsonian Nowruz Celebration - March 2014

Turkish Festival - September 2013

Selection of Photos from Our 2013 Fall Performances

Performances include Children of Persia's Walk for Children, Reston Multicultural Festival, Taste of Bethesda and Pakistan Festival.

Uzbekistan Concert Tour - September 2013

Nomad Dancers went on a cultural outreach tour of Uzbekistan accompanied by master choreographer Olimdjon Beknazarov. Dancers appeared on a popular TV talk show performing a dance with singing sensation Sherzod Bek. The team travelled to the historic cities of Samarqand and Bukhara to experience firsthand the glories of Uzbekistan's history. Returning to Tashkent, they performed on the largest stage in Tashkent, the Istiqlol Palace Theatre (photo below), in a live popular music concert by Sherzod Bek and his orchestra, with a sold-out audience of 5,000 adoring fans. Nomad Dancers participated in filming of Sherzod Bek's latest music video, and were interviewed for several TV reports about the first-ever artistic collaboration between Uzbek musicians and an American dance company. The U.S. Embassy invited the Nomad Dancers for their weekly Chai Chat Club, during which Uzbek students engaged in open dialogue with the group. Ambassador George Krol personally welcomed the dancers and discussed issues related to cultural exchange between Uzbekistan and the United States. Nomad Dancers look forward eagerly to future international collaborations and cultural exchanges. To read more about this trip check out our blog at:

National Dance Day - July 2013

Nomad Dancers performed at this day-long event to celebrate the art of dance as the Kennedy Center hosted the East Coast installment of National Dance Day. Photos 1,5,6,7 and 8 by Elvert Barnes.

Caravansary II concert - May 2013

some new photos from our Caravansary II concert in May. Photos by Jim Atkinson.

Turkish Festival - October 2012

At 10th Annual DC Turkish Festival, Nomads premiered "Gaziantep", a new dance from southeastern Turkey in addition to performing some old favorites from the Turkic world.

National Geographic Museum's Family Festival - September 2012

Nomad Dancers shared dances from Egypt, the Ancient Persian Empire, Uzbekistan and more throughout the day at this family festival at National Geographic Museum to highlight the new exhibition "1001 Inventions - Discover the Golden Age of Muslim Civilization". This performance included the debut of our new Persian court dance "The Hunt".

International Festival at Good Shepherd Catholic Church - September 2012

Nomad Dancers performed at this event to help raise funds for the Shepherd's Gate non-profit grant program.

Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America - August 2012

A performance at the Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America (FEZANA) 25th anniversary banquet as part of the 2012 North American Zarathushtri Congress.

Selection of Photos from Our 2012 Spring Performances

Performances include Nomad Dancers' Caravansary Concert and Smithsonion Nowruz Celebration at Freer and Sackler Galleries.

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